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Welcome to Orc Quest

Orc Quest. The timeless tale of Orc meets girl. Follow the adventures of Semmek, a half-orc adventurer, and his childhood friend Iylandrea as they seek to become true heroes. There will be action, adventure, comedy, romance and a duck. Inspired by the fantasy culture of videogames, movies and comics of the 1980s.


July 31st, 2014, 7:43 pm

Writers Sudden Dissaperence Solved!

Lack of Orc Quest Updates Explained!
Also A Change To Our Update Schedule!

Yes I disappeared for quiet a while. I'm really sorry. You see about two years ago I noticed a lump in my throat. I went to a doctor and they said that they where pretty sure it was nothing. I could get an ultra sound but they assured me that would just be a waste of money. Since I didn't have insurance I went home and that was that... I am sure you can all start to see where this is going....

Two years later my mom's coworker was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer. All he had was a lump. So mother hen syndrome kicked in and my mom started peeking and squawking about, demanding I go in for a second opinion. That second opinion was cancer.

Before I knew it there where doctors to see and surgeries to plan. I got poked, probed, bleed, and cut open. All in a matter of a month. Today I am typing this with a nifty new scar in forming across my throat (i'm going to say it was ninjas!) but cancer free.

Sadly all the biopsies, blood tests, planning time off, facing my own mortality, and of course cancer fighting took my full attention. So we put Orc Quest on hold. And till I am fully recovered we are going to be updating a little less often. We want to update once every three weeks but I am still hoping we can meet our biweekly deadlines.

Sorry again for the sudden disappearance. We appreciate and love all of our reads. Thank you for sticking with us through this sudden lull in activity.

Oh and don't worry about me. I kicked cancers ass!

April 27th, 2014, 10:16 am

Service Provider

Sorry if the page hadn't been working for a few days. Smackjeeves did not notify us that our subscription had elapsed. It's back up and paid so it's all good.

On another note... yeah it's late again. Sorry.

April 8th, 2014, 9:55 pm

Rest in Peace

My computer suffered a "fatal system error" and is officially dead. I have a new one but I need to get Photoshop up and running. So... sadly we might be delayed a day. I will do my best to get the page up on time!

March 29th, 2014, 7:27 am

Almost time

Shuto Con is almost upon us. We are working hard to offer a neat new line or merchandise! If you happen to come to the con be sure to stop by our table and say hi!

March 7th, 2014, 2:26 pm

Back on the Attack!

We're back!! Sorry about the long delay in update, or winter break lasted longer than we planned. But we have not been idle! We do have more script and world development done. New characters will be appearing soon!

Also we have been busy preparing for our second convention. We will be returning to Shuto Con for our second year. We hope that this experince will prepare us to venture further and to more cons so we can meet more of our lovely fans!

Can't wait to see everyone there! Stop buy our table and say hi!

November 27th, 2013, 6:29 pm

Due to Illness

We know Orc Quest is very late. We're really sorry. Avadrea has been really sick (emergency room sick). Don't worry, it's nothing serious. Turns out stomach ulcers are painful. But we hope to update this weekend. Sorry about the wait.

October 16th, 2013, 10:26 pm

Winter Break

Taliesin and I will be taking a Winter break for the month of December. There will be no comic updates during that time.

But do not despair fair readers. We will not be spending that time in vain. We will be using that time to create more content and artwork for the site. :)

August 14th, 2013, 11:24 am

All is Well... finally.

I know it's been a big hiccup around here lately. The move was more of an interruption than I expected and Taliesin had a wedding she was dragged into. All in all we just couldn't update like we want to. But now we are back on track. My internet is working and I got Taliesin drawing till her fingers bleed once more. So expect us to be back on scheduled with the next page.

Thank you all for being patient!

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